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Meet Your Healers


Elka Haeckel

Thai Massage

Elka’s 13 years of combined yoga, Ayurveda, Reiki and massage experience has a cumulative effect on her Thai Healing Massage techniques. She starts and ends each session with Reiki body scans that help her target troubled spots throughout your physical and energetic body. With specific intention, she manipulates your body to release tension, emotion and mental blocks that have your body feeling drained and listless. Afterwards, Elka reviews what she’s uncovered during your session and alerts you to specific troubled spots and solutions to fix them. 

You can book Elka for:
A Healing Thai Massage: A clothed session that lasts two hours or more and involves multiple body movements, deep tissue pressure, and pressure point release. She moves your limbs like taffy to get you to a tranquil, quiescent space within your mind, body and soul. Thai Healing Massage is like having someone do yoga for you. 


Anna Fernandez

Yoga and Reiki

Anna's nurturing spirit and strong intuition guide both her teaching and energy healing work. Her own personal healing journey ignited her passion to share these gifts with her community.

Anna's holistic approach enables her to create personalized sessions for each client, creating a space for true healing. Her goal is to guide her clients to recognize their own innate healing power. She does this with the intention of helping to facilitate change, balance and inner peace. Anna believes that as we empower ourselves and connect with our own healing abilities, we can achieve true peace in all areas of our lives.

Her Private Yoga & Reiki Healing can be booked separately or combined into one session.

You can book Anna for:
Private Yoga Sessions
Reiki/Energy Healing Sessions

Pricing: $75/hour ($65 1st service)


Gala Marquez-Gordon

Holistic Esthetician

Gala Marquez-Gordon has been an esthetician for over 15 years. She recently returned to California after living abroad for over 25 years.

Gala has incorporated her beauty suite to EYWC community because she feels that it’s very close to her “hart and home.”

She is here to enlighten and enrich our clients with the knowledge she acquired through years of studies and practice during her time in Europe and Venezuela.

For more information please visit


Sophia Whitt

Vita Shots

Vitamin shots, or injections, are a potent, non- prescription treatment of vitamins in a form that is safe to inject into the body. Vitamin shots are administered under the skin, in a muscle. When a vitamin shot is received, the body is saturated with vitamins and every cell receives what it needs right away. Many patients feel this immediately and enjoy the boost of nutrients.

Common uses include:

  • Fatigue or low energy
  • Chronic Pain
  • Prevention of cold and flu
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Diabetes
  • Asthma
  • Immune weakness causing chronic infection
  • Anemia
  • Malnutrition and malabsorption

What’s available
B12, B complex, multivitamin, muscle recovery, specialty blends

Sophia began her journey of alternative wellness in 2012 and became certified as a plant-based nutritionist in 2013. Her practice is aimed at healing the whole body and she specializes in preventative wellness. Sophia has extensive experience is weight loss, diabetes prevention & management, senior care, prenatal nutrition, sports nutrition, and overall wellness.

Sophia believes in empowering her clients to learn to heal themselves from the inside out!

You can book Sophia for:

Single shot: $30 (Members: $25)

3-Pack: $80 (Members: $65)

5-Pack: $135 (Members: $110)

To schedule, contact Sophia at 619-478-7239 or

Drop-ins available at Elka Yoga & Wellness Tuesdays 2-7pm


Jennifer Inman

Blood Work, Nutrition and Body Health

As a certified dark field microscopist with a degree in Allied Health Sciences, an ACE fitness instructor and Health Coach trainer, a yoga instructor and a public health advocate for the last decade, Jennifer Inman specializes in treating the whole person.

By looking at an individual’s live blood, we can observe the internal terrain in real time. This is the qualitative story. By measuring specific chemistries in the breath and urine we gather the hard numbers of the internal terrain. These are the quantitative numbers. By obtaining this information, we receive a clear picture of the individual’s immediate state of physical health. If the internal terrain out of balance, the body is susceptible to dis-ease. Body fat, muscle mass, visceral fat, weight, BMI and body's real age are quantified using a bio-electrical impedance scan for baseline measurements. After analyzing an individual’s average dietary habits, a chemistry/constitutional specific nutrition protocol is recommended to regain balance in all body systems. Armed with this comprehensive knowledge, the individual can eventually take control of and optimize their personal health!

You can book Jennifer for:

  • Flow Systems Auditing: Live blood observed under microscope connected to LCD screen to view current blood/ionic charge picture
  • Bio-Electrical Impedance Scan: Measure Weight, BMI, Resting Metabolism, Muscle Mass, Body Fat Percentage, Visceral Fat and Real Body Age
  • Nutrition/Weight Loss Consultation: Evaluation of current diet & body measurements- "Development of Individualized Nutrition Protocols"

Pricing: $75 single service or $195 for full service (all 3)

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The True Self Healing

RAVIDA  can be defined as an approach to life. Rather than focusing on illness or specific parts of the body, we consider the whole person and how he or she interacts with their environment. We emphasize the connection of mind, body, and spirit. Believing in alternative therapies that work with the body helping to rebuild it right at the spiritual and cellular level.
Come and experience our Multisensory Crystal Bed Therapy, it is more than your average energy healing session. It is a multisensory, meditative, cleansing experience that takes you into greater realms of depth and the subconscious mind. Our Multisensory Crystal Bed Therapy session incorporates several types of therapies such as chromo therapy, sound and vibration therapy, PEMF - pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, UV and Infrared therapy, Vogel crystal healing and Royal Rife type frequencies.
To take you to the “zone” you will relax on a professional crystal biomat, containing more than 27 pounds of natural purple Amethyst crystals releasing far infrared rays to gently heat and detoxify your body at the cellular level, negative ions to neutralize free radicals and enhance immune function and Red Light Phototherapy to rejuvenate the look of skin.
When you book a session with us, you walk into a space that is not only beautiful but makes you feel good from the inside out.


Check out the Benefits:
  • relaxes through vibration therapy
  • helps autoimmune disorders
  • creates positive DNA expression
  • works with cellular intelligence
  • rebuilds the subtle bodies
  • reduction of inflammatory markers
  • non-invasive and safe
  • suitable for all ages
  • helps sinus & migraine issues
  • clears acne and skin blemishes via UV and deep red LED's
  • fine line and wrinkles
  • homeostasis of the inner and outer field of the body
  • better sleep through binaural beats and chakra balancing
  • brain balance
  • detoxifies
  • balances PH levels
  • plus many more benefits

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Session 45 minutes $93
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