Ready to Bend

For the past three months I’ve been fumbling on my yoga mat. To be honest, I’m not sure what I’m doing can even be considered yoga as my down dog looks more like an angry cat. Since purchasing my first Yoga Groupon I’ve been twisting, bending and “releasing my hips” in an awkward attempt to find the peaceful serenity I see on magazines covers. In the past, I’ve run marathons, rode bikes, and stayed active and thought yoga would cure my aches, pains and tight muscles. But, when I look at the red faced huffing and puffing individual in the mirror, it feels more like an Iron Man than the calm movement so many people claim.

Being that I am not a quitter, I’ve decided to put all my chips in the yoga game and invest in a Yoga Teacher Training course taught by Elka Yoga ( I’ve taken a few of her classes in the past and felt a connection with her teaching style and yoga pants. Elka is a spicy Brazilian woman with a thick accent, years of experience, a wealth of knowledge and a hands on style that persuades my body to move…closer and closer to my toes. So with a leap of faith and a little persuasion, I’ve decided to take her 7 week course and learn what yoga is all about.

I will admit that I am more than a little nervous about this course. My interaction with yoga has been very superficial with more snickers, jokes and fart noises during downward dog than anything. I mean, what’s with saying Namaste all the time and all of this hugging? Is there something wrong with a handshake when you’re covered in sweat? Personal space people, please! But as I write this Elka’s words are in my head, “This is just your ego talking.  Soon you will want to hug everyone too.” Really, is that a requirement of yoga?

Ego or not, the class is paid for, my study material is on its way and I refuse to back down from this challenge. I’m bound and determined to sit with my legs crossed, hands on my knees with a smile on my face from all this Bliss I keep hearing about. Wish me luck!

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