Skin-Suit Repairs

Three weekends have passed on this wondrous adventure and my mind, spirit and body are opening like flowers in the morning sun. All week, my brain has been deep in thought in some far away corner of my head. Processing, analyzing and reorganizing my belief system my spirit seems to be awakening to a new process of understanding. At any moment I expect smoke to exit my ear holes as the word TILT flashes before my eyes.

Three weeks ago I felt like a person seeing only what was in front of me. But as I’ve opened myself up to this experience, I’m becoming aware of something totally different. Today, I not only see what’s in front of me, but I feel what’s inside of me. Specifically, I’m realizing that “I” am inside of this body and that this body is under my control. Much like an owner’s manual for your car, I’ve learned a way to objectively look at my skin-suit as a machine that I can diagnose and adjust when needed. Elka and her teacher training have given me tools to realize my spirit’s and body’s full potential. Is there a conspiracy to keep us hooked on medication?

In the words of Elka, “Western medicine cures you, while Ayurveda heals you.”  Hold the phone Obama Care, I think I have another solution. After the Ayurveda workshop this weekend, I’m amazed at the depth of literature on this 5,000 year-old Hindu wellness practice. With a small stack of handouts and a 170 page book (my class study materials), the introduction of the Tri-Dosha system has given support to what I’ve always believed. Our health isn’t just an average of our combined height, weight and age. It’s just that some people are big, some people are small and some people are in between. What’s more interesting to me, is each body type comes with specific operating systems that can be measured and adjusted to improve overall health.

OK, ok, enough of the build up, let me get to the juice of the matter. Ayurveda breaks people into Doshas, which have three constitutions based on the five elements of Ether, Air, Water, Fire and Earth. The Constitutions are Vata which balances Ether and Air, Pitta which balances Fire and Water and Kapha which balances Water and Earth. If you’re wondering, I’m Pitta, making me fiery or jealous at times, yet very loving and compassionate…awh! According to the website,

“People of pitta personality tend to be of medium proportions and frame. They possess warm skin that is very fair or glowing and may be sensitive. Their fine hair may show signs of premature graying or thinning. These people are intelligent and strong-minded in thought, speech and action. They show signs of purpose and ambition in each step as well as intensity in their voice whenever they speak. They are moderate sleepers and like to stay in cooler environments. Balanced pitta is specifically characterized by self-confidence and entrepreneurship.”


Aside from the horoscope description of the Dosha constitutions, Ayurveda provides a wealth of checks and balances one can follow to bring stability into their body and life. Specific foods, actions, self-care techniques, herbs and even scents are all considered when helping balance your specific constitution. Ayurveda believes that when your constitution is out of balance you experience extreme sides of your elements. Pitta, having a combination of Fire and Water, can get very hot and sharp or very placid and lethargic when out of balance. Jealously, spitefulness, anger are all signs of Pitta being out of whack, and Ayurveda provides the technical know-how to recognize and readjust one back into balance. Elka describes Ayurveda as,

“Have a more compassionate attitude towards others. Once you understand the Doshas, you may understand why some people act and behave in a certain way. You will understand that their Dosha is predominate in their actions, therefore you may help others by suggesting  appropriate changes in their lifestyle or nutrition.”

Now I’m no expert on Doshas, but from what I’ve incorporated into my life, this stuff is amazing. Not only does it give me a direct connection with my skin-suit, it also gives me an opportunity to forgive some of my actions. Sorry me so mean today, Cave man’s Dosha out of whack…spicy food bad! Moving forward, I feel a sense of compassion towards myself and others because I can see how our bodies affect our actions. A person isn’t “spacey”, they’re just Vata. It doesn’t take anything away from them, but it does empower what and how they can do things.

Now I’m sure I’ve left plenty out about Ayurveda, Doshas and everything it can do. I mean this stuff has been in practice for over 5,000 years, so give me a break I’m new. What I can tell you is, since adding these practices into my life, I’ve seen substantial improvements to my physical, emotional and spiritual life. As Elka always points out, “If your body really wants something, you should stay away from it to stay balanced. Unless it’s chocolate or wine… that’s asking too much from anyone.”

If you would like to find out your Dosha, click here for a free Dosha test.


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